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It is the mission of the Paschal Musical Production Team to create an environment of educational and artistic excellence by nurturing creativity, academic integrity, and community in its faculty and students.

Through Paschal’s annual Musical, we hope to enrich the community with quality productions, preserve musical theatre as a unique American art form and expose people of all ages and backgrounds to the excitement of Musical Theatre.

The Paschal Fine Arts Department maintains that the Arts contribute to intellectual development and creative thinking. Through the opportunity to experience and appreciate the arts, the next generation of artists will be cultivated and trained. The department is committed to having a stylistically varied production season that is both rich in tradition and stimulating in innovation that is driven by our curriculum.



  • Provide an instructional and inspirational environment for students to experience Musical Theater.

  • Build communication, teamwork, and social skills in students.

  • Celebrate the diversity and creativity of students.

  • Encourage and focus students’ talents and hard work in the Musical Theater field.

  • Impart a sense of community to students.


 Faculty and Staff 

  • Katherine Wilson

    • Musical Director​

    • PHS Theatre Director

  • Christopher Whitehead​

    • Musical Technical Director​

    • PHS Theatre Director

  • Nathan Benevides​

    • Musical Vocal Director​

    • PHS Choir Director

  • Trevlyn Nipper​

    • Musical Vocal Director​

    • PHS Choir Director

  • Toby Jones​

    • Musical Conductor​

    • PHS Orchestra Director

  • Sarah Thorton​

    • Musical Accompanist​

    • Guest Artist

  • Jenna McDade

    • Musical Choreographer​

    • Guest Artist


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